What is Business Development?

What is Business Development?

In this article, you will learn about Business Development and also you will learn here about basic Stages of Business and about the Business Plan.

about business development?

The term business development is very popular with companies and entrepreneurs. Although all use them, there are those who do not know what it is about or does not know the concept. The truth is that this is about the means or way that a company and its staff achieve skills or abilities to optimize all the company’s resources, product innovation, and other processes for the company to grow. In this way, better finance and resources are obtained within the workplace.

What is business development?

The business development executives have the mission of being in charge of tasks or issues that are related to foreign investment or foreign trade. Promotion policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, production, economic integration, and public policies for business development, among others, are also in charge of this sector.

In addition to the above, this area is the one that aims to create a productive future for the company. For this, techniques such as promotion, monitoring, control, and evaluation of different business policies are carried out.

A good entrepreneur who wants to be part of this sector must have strong characteristics in this profile such as self-control, tolerance, initiative, realism, integrity, trust, acceptance of risk, and creativity or innovation, among others.

All stages of business development and information?

Any type of company goes through different stages until it reaches a point of maturity. Experts list these phases and define them as follows:

The first stage is the one that develops forecasting and planning. It is the moment in which the objectives are planned and plans are put together to achieve a certain objective.

The second stage is the one that aims to organize the entire previous process. At this time you have a very clear concept of what you want and what you are looking for.

The direction is the third of the phases. Here appears the strong image of the leader and the leadership ability of each of these people.

For some, the fourth stage is one of the most important. It is about the integration of human and non-human resources. Once this is defined, the work teams are assembled and a detailed profile of the people who will work in the company is obtained. In addition, it is when machinery and other non-human resources appear that will be very useful in the future.

The fifth stage is the execution of everything mentioned above. At this moment, the company comes to life as such and goes out to the market to compete strongly against all its competitors. It is the moment where words end and action appears. In short, it is the moment where you bet all or nothing and see the results of the previous job.

The last stage is the evaluation. After entering the market and competing against rivals, an analysis of the work is carried out and new objectives are planned, optimizing the good points and exercising the bad ones.

In addition to the objectives that each one of the firms pursues, it is important that development be carried out in other ways, such as training courses for the staff or face-to-face or distance studies that serve to improve knowledge.


In this article, we briefly explained the concept of Business Development then highlighted the Stages of Business to form it easier for you to rent the proper professional supported your business needs.

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